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What We Do

Sounds From The Ground Up

We are obsessed with sound and love to build sounds from the ground up. Although there are amazing libraries with a milliion sounds available, more then often it's just better to create something that suites the game perfec from scratcht! For example, using analog Synths to create organic and high quality sound effects is just the best...

Unique Voices

Just like Game Development itself, game audio development is (and should be) an iterative proces. Doombox is a great example of a Voice that has grown over the years. In Lethal League Blaze, his voice has more personality then in the first game. Believe me! After screaming and yelling fro hours in the vocal Booth, my voice had to recover for days. But in the end, it's all about the result.

Memorable Sountracks

Megabyte Punch's Soundtrack is praised for combining Nostalgia with modern styles of music. Even today, the soundtrack is streamed daily and selling well on Bandcamp.

"A Wondefull Collection of digital music with a great mixture of the chiptune style music of older games and more modern digital music conventions" ~ Lithium Polygon

Free Advise

Because we are passionate about games we like to share our knowledge. Wheter you would like some free advise or a consult please contact us.

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