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Cost Effective Plans

  1. GAME AUDIO SERVICE - An entirely new concept. This cost effective option is ideal when you prefer Audio and Music to be part of the development proces. Even when the game is finished this plan gives you a "life long" service to the game. MORE INFO
  2. HOURLY RATINGS - This option is comonly used. It's reccomended when your game is in the beta phase and you want to add music and sounds. MORE INFO
  3. ROYALTIES - This is a great option if you are on a tight budget or you are new to the market. Instead of spending your budgets immediately, you choose to spread the risk. When you make money, we make money. MORE INFO
  4. CUSTOM PLANS - Maybe you want to spend a minimum budget on music immediatley, but still want a rich soundtrack. By combining hourly ratings with relatively small royalties you take less risks. MORE INFO
  5. FREE - In some cases, when you are prototyping something and you would like to try something out, Runesound offers a free demo. based on your Demo or Videofootage we try different things. MORE INFO

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